Warning Signs of a Dog Attack

by Carla Williams | July 11th, 2013

Did you know that nearly five million dog bite attacks occur in the United States each year? Dog owners have a responsibility to keep their pets on a leash or restrained, but how do you know when a dog is being playful versus preparing to attack?

The most obvious warning signs are barking and growling, but here are some other warning signals that may not be so obvious…

  • Ear movement – If the dog’s ear go flat back, or suddenly perk up (depending on the breed) could be a sign that they are getting into a defensive posture.
  • Tongue – A flat tongue means a dog is relaxed. A curled tongue means there is tension.
  • Showing Teeth – A dog’s way of showing they may bite if provoked.
  • Salivating – A dog that it taking an aggressive posture against a person or other animal may salivate.
  • Cowering – Some dogs attack out of fear, and cowering may be a warning sign that the dog feels a need to defend itself.
  • Tail Wagging – Wagging tail does not necessarily indicate a dog is happy. It could also mean they are upset.
  • Lift one front paw – A preemptive defensive move, a dog will raise one of their front paws when they believe something negative is going to happen.

The Dog Bite Lawyers with Carter Mario Injury Lawyers point out that regardless of the breed, a dog bite can leave a victim with serious injuries and staggering medical bills. The firm encourages anyone who has suffered such an injury to contact an attorney to discuss your legal options.

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