Connecticut Medical Malpractice Lawyers

While not every medical complication is caused by medical malpractice, the Connecticut medical malpractice lawyers at Carter Mario Injury Lawyers will take the time to conduct a thorough investigation of your accident to determine if you have a case.

Customer service is our number one priority, and it’s our goal to get you the money you need to cover your medical bills. We’ll provide you with the resources you need to understand the legal process so you feel confident that your case is being handled properly.

Why Choose Carter Mario

At Carter Mario, we have an experienced medical malpractice team. Their experience in the legal field gives them unique knowledge and the ability to recognize when an acceptable standard of care has been violated.

Medical malpractice cases are very complex and challenging. The medical malpractice team at Carter Mario is unique. Our team includes professionals that will address each of the complex questions associated with medical malpractice in order to meet any challenge.  Our team members will make an evaluation of the medical malpractice claim and seek any necessary external consultation. Once we establish the legitimacy of a claim, our team of attorneys will work together to litigate the case through to trial. These talented and knowledgeable litigators are skilled in handling cases from the hospital to the courtroom. You can count on the Carter Mario medical malpractice team to understand your case and the challenges that you are facing.

Expert Opinions from Medical Professionals

In addition to having hands-on knowledge of the legal field, our Connecticut medical malpractice lawyers also have an extensive network of medical experts whom we can consult to determine if your case has merit.

Connecticut law requires a legal firm to obtain a written opinion on a malpractice claim from a medical expert before filing a lawsuit. This opinion, which is not used as evidence at trial, is a preliminary statement of medical negligence and must be written and signed by a healthcare provider with similar qualifications as the healthcare provider who may have caused you harm.

High Quality Service

Our medical malpractice team offers the extensive legal knowledge that has been acquired through years of education and experience. This level of professionalism and expertise is necessary to provide you with zealous representation from the beginning of your case through trial and verdict. The experts at Carter Mario work to ensure that each client feels confident and secure regarding his or her case, and we handle each case with professionalism, tact and honesty. Get our help today by calling (800) 900-6700 or completing a free initial consultation form.

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