Drug Injury

When you’re prescribed a drug, you expect that medicine to help you get better or to help you stay as healthy as possible. If that drug ends up making you even more sick, causing you unnecessary harm, or seriously interfering with prescriptions you’re already taking, you may be eligible for compensation.

Our Connecticut drug injury lawyers have years of experience handling drug injury claims, and we’re here to help. It’s our job to get you the maximum value for your case in the shortest amount of time so you can get the care you need to recover. Call us anytime at (800) 900-6700 or complete a free initial consultation form now.

Standing Up for Your Compensation

At Carter Mario Injury Lawyers, we believe that manufacturers and healthcare professionals have a responsibility to provide consumers and patients with safe, quality prescription drugs. If they don’t live up to that responsibility, they should be held accountable for their wrongdoing.

The Connecticut drug injury lawyers at our law firm will do everything we can to protect your rights to compensation and make sure you receive the fair treatment you deserve. We want you to feel confident that your case is being handled properly—that’s just part of our commitment to customer service.

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