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10 Tips for Motorcycle Maintenance

by Carter Mario | October 12th, 2015

In today’s world motorcycles have become a primary mode of transit due to their friendly costs for repairs, fuel or even parking. Each day new bikes hit the open road. If you want to keep your bike in top working order, follow our list of 10 tips for motorcycle maintenance below. Following the manufacturer’s manual A […]

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Changing a Flat Tire

by Carla Williams | October 7th, 2015

How to Change a Flat Tire A blown tire is no laughing matter. Flat or blown tires often cause accidents and can scare drivers of any experience level. If you ever blow a tire while driving, you must proceed with caution and follow the necessary steps to make sure you’re safe and that your replacement or […]

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How to Park your Motorcycle to Avoid Damage

by Carter Mario | October 5th, 2015

It’s no secret that we have a passion for motorcycles here at Carter Mario. When it comes to the open road and the wind whipping by you, there is hardly anything better than a bike. When it is time to put your bike away or make a pit stop, you might think it’s as easy […]

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Motorcycle Tips for New Riders

by Carter Mario | September 30th, 2015

Motorcycles are exhilarating and economic. They can course different terrains with little difficulty and can navigate through traffic more easily than their 4-wheeled counterparts. But taking out all that interior bulk for more speed and torque does make your trips more dangerous since there’s no barrier protecting you from the ground or vehicle you come […]

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Car Seat Safety in Connecticut

by Carter Mario | September 28th, 2015

In the past half century, the automobile industry has witnessed a dramatic increase in car safety and accident prevention mechanisms. Probably the most effective and revolutionary safety measure was the invention of the seatbelt. The first federal law mandating the installation of seatbelts in all passenger vehicles, with a few exceptions, was passed in 1968. […]

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How to Check Your Car’s Safety Rating

by Carter Mario | September 23rd, 2015

During 2013, there were more than 250 fatal car accidents throughout the state of Connecticut. Looking at statistics like this is enough to make anyone look for ways to keep themselves and their families safe on the road. The truth is that the structure of the vehicle a person is driving may have a lot […]

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Motorcycle Tips for Riding in Traffic

by Carter Mario | September 21st, 2015

Safety on the road is always important, but it is especially important for motorcyclists to take the necessary safety precautions and be as cautious as possible. Motorcyclists are at a higher risk of being injured in a traffic accident. However, there are some things you can do to reduce your chance of accident and injury […]

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Free Motorcycle Beginner Course for Military

by Carter Mario | September 16th, 2015

At Carter Mario Injury Lawyers, we care deeply about the brave men and women that serve in our armed forces. Their service is a boon to their country and its people. Often we talk about the benefits that veterans need to receive, or legal rights of those who serve or have served. This time, we […]

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Dangerous Connecticut Roads for Pedestrians

by Carter Mario | September 14th, 2015

There are few things as relaxing as going for a walk when the weather is nice. Stretching the legs and taking in the scenery can help you relax and lighten your mood. If you have a pet, it’s a great way to spend time with the family ball of fur. Unfortunately, there are many roads […]

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Connecticut Dog Leash Law

by Carter Mario | September 10th, 2015

Man’s best friend. Our dogs are that and so much more. Quite often they are more than a friend; they are a true member of the family. As a member of the family, they have to be cared for and watched over. Most states have regulations for dogs when they are in public, as a […]

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