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2015 Carter Cares Scholarship

by Carter Mario | March 10th, 2015

March 10, 2015 Carter Mario Injury Lawyers is committed to supporting higher education opportunities and promoting programs that deal with the prevention of distracted driving by teens. Our Carter Cares Scholarship is a combined effort to provide financial assistance for Connecticut high school students to pursue their educational goals as well as to raise awareness […]

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Changing a Flat Tire

by Carla Williams | February 27th, 2015

How to Change a Flat Tire A blown tire is no laughing matter. Flat or blown tires often cause accidents and can scare drivers of any experience level. If you ever blow a tire while driving, you must proceed with caution and follow the necessary steps to make sure you’re safe and that your replacement or […]

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Drunk Driving in Connecticut

by Danielle Wisniowski | February 20th, 2015

Drunk Driving in Connecticut In 2014, Connecticut saw 114 deaths due to the carelessness of drunk drivers. Those drunk driving accidents accounted for nearly half of all traffic deaths in the state. Unfortunately, in the United States, drunk drivers take to the road almost 300,000 times each day. Yet only 4,000 of those people are […]

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Slick Road Conditions in Connecticut

by Annette Smith | February 13th, 2015

Slick Road Conditions in Connecticut The State of Connecticut has a population of more than 3.5 million people. It often seems like every inhabitant of Connecticut is on the road at once. Although crowded roads often translates to a high accident rate, most car accidents in this state and elsewhere are due to poor weather […]

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Tips For Safe Driving During The Harsh Connecticut Winter

by Carla Williams | February 6th, 2015

Winter weather presents a challenge for Connecticut drivers. Icy roads, poor visibility, and shortened daylight hours are a recipe for disaster. The number of arterial and side street accidents rises dramatically during the winter season, and the number of injury accident claims rises as well. The best way to keep safe while on the road […]

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Hurt at Work? Follow These Steps

by Andrew Wallace | October 8th, 2014

No one wants or plans to get hurt at work, but it happens. Too often, people choose not to do anything immediately because they value their job and they are concerned about getting fired or creating tension with their boss. Later, if they do decide they want to do something, it’s often too late because […]

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Getting a Checkup May Help Keep the Value of Your “Check Up”

by Carla Williams | October 1st, 2014

You have just been in a car accident; your back is in severe pain and you think that your arm may be broken. What is the most important thing for you to do? Seek medical attention. You have just been in a car accident; you hit your head, and have a major headache, but no […]

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Don’t look like a fool, always dress cool

by Carter Mario | September 24th, 2014

(Info-graphic from the Motorcycle Safety Foundation) Motorcycles take the open road to a whole new level. Wind blowing against you, shifting your body to curve along with the winding road, there is no other feeling like it. However, that doesn’t mean you should take added risks by not wearing appropriate gear to keep your body […]

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Watch Out! Deer in the Headlights!

by Luretha Tolson | September 17th, 2014

Transitioning from beach towels and iced tea to sweatshirts and apple picking is anxiously anticipated as the season changes from summer to fall. However, no one anticipates an accident and very few remember to change their driving habits. Often thought to be the safest season to drive in, fall brings with it potential driving hazards […]

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10 Most Dangerous Intersections in CT

by Carla Williams | September 10th, 2014

10 Most dangerous intersections in CT Watch Out!!! Top Ten Dangerous Spots in Connecticut! When driving in Connecticut, how often are you approaching one of the state’s most dangerous intersections? A high percentage of accidents occur when passing through intersections every day, so be extra careful when pulling up to or passing through a crossroads. […]

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