Social Security Disability

When you work your entire adult life, paying into the Social Security system, you expect that if you become disabled, you will have access to the benefits you paid for. Unfortunately, the Social Security Administration denies most initial claims for benefits, and waiting for appeals can take months or even years.

If your claim for Social Security Disability benefits was denied, you may need legal help. At Carter Mario Injury Lawyers, we want to learn about your claim so we can help you get the benefits that you’re owed.

How a Lawyer Can Help

The Connecticut Social Security Disability lawyers at our firm have one priority—to provide you with the highest quality customer service. Whether that means meeting you at your home because you can’t make it to one of our offices, or calling you back the same day you contact us, we do everything we can to make you feel confident in our legal representation.

Get a Connecticut Social Security Disability lawyer you can count on to protect your best interests. Call us today at (800) 900-6700 or complete a free initial consultation form. You can call us anytime.

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