Johnson Memorial Hospital Closed Due to Power Outage

Medical care may be a little more difficult for some Connecticut residents to get to after the Johnson Memorial Hospital in Stafford Springs, Connecticut, had to shut its doors and evacuate patients. According to Eyewitness News 3, the hospital’s closing is due to a power outage and generator failure following Hurricane Irene sweeping through the area over the weekend.

The evacuation occurred Sunday after heavy winds and storms knocked power out across the area. The Hospital’s back-up generator would not start and it was not long before staff knew patients’ care would be compromised.

Staff moved a total of 43 patients to other facilities in the area so they could receive the care they need. Hospital staff are asking those seeking medical help to go elsewhere and are diverting ambulances to other area hospitals. The emergency room and obstetrics unit at Johnson Memorial remain open in case a patient did not hear of the closing and arrives in desperate need of care.

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