Connecticut House Fire That Killed Five Caused by Discarded Embers

The efforts to keep warm by some Connecticut families in recent weeks have cost them more than they bargained for. The New York Times released news yesterday about a house fire that destroyed a Victorian home owned by a prominent New York advertising firm executive. The fire was caused by discarded embers that were removed from the fireplace on Christmas night.

The female executive had gathered with her parents and children at her home in Stamford, Connecticut, along with a worker staying at the house while renovating it. At around 3:00 AM Sunday, the 47-year-old woman removed the embers from the fireplace and put them in a bag in the mudroom of the home. Hours later the woman was found in the driveway screaming that her children and parents were trapped in the burning home.

By the time firefighters arrived, the house was engulfed in flames and too hot to enter. The woman's three young daughters and parents perished in the flames. The woman and worker who survived were hospitalized for injuries they received escaping the fire.

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