Re-Engineering Streets Could Make for Safer Driving

Traffic around Hamden, Connecticut, should see some drastic improvements coming after a study aimed at finding improvements for east-west traffic in the area was completed. According to the New Haven Register, recommendations from the research were presented to a group of around 60 residents last Wednesday night at the Miller Senior Center.

The study attempted to gather information from the public regarding potential improvements to Armory, Augur, Treadwell and Waite streets, Putnam Avenue, and Connolly Parkway by conducting online surveys and gathering of residents at several town meetings. Their recommendations were then taken by city planning organization, Fitzgerald & Halliday, to see what would actually be viable. To their surprise, more than they originally thought could be used.

The group's recommendations were broken into three specific categories:

One of the simplest and most effective changes suggested was painting lines on the streets at crosswalks to make the crossing more visible to both drivers and pedestrians.

Some suggestions were not so simple, yet could still be very effective. Several plans were discussed to calm traffic on Connolly Parkway and the Waite-Mather-King-Belmont area. Building a rotary was discussed, but the area was too small.

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