Rental Company’s Negligence Blamed for Death of Connecticut State Trooper

The debate is swirling around a Connecticut courtroom where the widow of a state trooper is suing the company that rented the car to the man who hit and killed her husband. According to NBC-Connecticut, the woman is seeking damages from Enterprise Rent-A-Car, claiming they did not ask for the man's driving or criminal background before renting him the car that ultimately killed her husband.

It was September 2, 2010, when the Connecticut state trooper pulled over a vehicle on a routine traffic stop along the northbound lanes of Interstate 91 near Enfield. He was in his patrol car writing a ticket when a driver approaching from behind at high speeds swerved off of the road and struck the rear-end of the trooper's patrol car. Because he was not buckled in at the time of the impact, the trooper sustained severe injuries in the accident, which he later died from.

The lawsuit is claiming the Enterprise Rent-A-Car did not ask the man to disclose the details of his past convictions related to motor vehicles, nor whether his license had ever been suspended or revoked due to driving under the influence. Prosecutors say asking these simple questions would have required the man to disclose a lengthy and checkered criminal past that included convictions for DUI and narcotics, as well as several license suspensions.

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