Hartford Woman Escapes Hospital and Dies During Police Pursuit

A Hartford, Connecticut woman is dead after a car crash stemming from the police pursuit she was involved in. As NBC-Connecticut reports, the woman stole a hospital van from the facility where she was a patient. She led two separate departments in pursuits before crashing into a tree.

She first struck several parked cars, sending Wallingford police into pursuit. After she almost hit first responders at a separate crash, state police joined in on the chase. The woman lost control of the van and struck a tree, where she was pronounced dead.

The woman had been admitted to Gaylord Hospital Tuesday after being involved in another crash that had left her with a traumatic brain injury. The injury had caused the woman to have trouble walking, experience memory loss, and lose vision in one eye at the time of the pursuits, leaving family members wondering how hospital staff allowed the tragedy to occur. They have raised questions as to how the woman got the keys to the van and the hospital’s responsibility in monitoring the patient, as she was not supposed to be able to walk the grounds without supervision.

The lack of security measures for patients’ safety may possibly be considered negligence on the hospital’s part in this case. If you feel a loved one was harmed because of a hospital’s lack of patient care, contact a Connecticut Wrongful Death Attorney with Carter Mario Law Firm.