CDOT Creates Two New Initiatives to Promote Safer Teen Driving

The Connecticut Department of Transportation (CDOT) has announced it will begin two new initiatives in the state to promote the safety of teen drivers. According to a press release issued by the agency, the announcement comes as Teen Safe Driving Week approaches in less than a week.

Commissioner Melody A. Currey stated last Tuesday the agency now plans to issue safety warnings to parents in their brochure covering laws and training for 16 and 17-year-old drivers. Also, training for driving instructors will be increased and strengthened by better regulation.

An Advisory Committee for Safe Teen Driving expanded the current brochure teens and parents receive instructing them on laws, requirements, and penalties to include a new section that offers safety tips directly aimed at parents. Tips range from ways to prevent teen crashes from alcohol and distracted driving to how parents can be good role models behind the wheel for teens.

In addition to increasing parental education on the dangers teen drivers face and how they can help combat them, the government is focusing on doing it's part as well to increase teen driver safety by tightening the regulations on instructors of driving schools receiving their master licenses to teach young people how to drive. The agency plans on creating unprecedented standards in the state on who can and how to receive a Masters License in the state.

The Connecticut Auto Accident Attorneys with Carter Mario Law Firm are happy to see state lawmakers creating better ways to protect inexperienced teens from accidents behind the wheel.