Government Announces Medicare Premiums and Deductibles Lowered

Good news came for recipients of Medicare last week when the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services announced that Part B premiums will be lower than earlier projected for 2012 and Part B deductibles would decrease by $22. According to the Alameda Sun, premiums for recipients of Part B coverage will be $99.90, rather than the previously expected $106.60.

Many people on Medicare have paid $96.40 per month for coverage since 2008 because of a law that froze premiums in years where recipients did not receive a cost of living adjustment (COLA). With 2012 bringing the first COLA to recipients in four years, most recipients can expect the $3.50 increase in premiums to be offset by the average $43 per month COLA. This means an extra $39.50 per month into the pocket of disabled and elderly individuals who depend on the program for survival. Part B deductibles will also decrease from $166 to $140.

The Affordable Care Act is responsible for the changes and has allowed 1.8 million people to receive cheaper prescription drugs, while an additional 20.5 million have now get free wellness and preventive care services.

The Connecticut Social Security Disability Attorneys with Carter Mario Law Firm are happy to see Medicare recipients receive more affordable care, but they also realize there are hundreds of individuals still denied benefits each year. The experienced team at Cater Mario recently discussed what to do if your claim has been denied in a news report.