Carter Mario Law Firm Welcome Ken McNamara to the Team

The Connecticut Personal Injury Attorneys with Carter Mario Law Firm is pleased to welcome the newest member to their investigative team, Ken McNamara.

According to the New Haven Register, Ken became an officer in North Branford, Connecticut, in 1986, at the age of 21. Within two years, he was promoted to detective and continued to climb the ranks before reaching his pinnacle of Detective Sargent in 2002.

One of McNamara's many crowning achievements with the department was receiving his fingerprint examiner certification by the FBI–a talent that helped him crack numerous cases.

The now-retired Sergent brings his years of experience to Carter Mario Law Firm. All of the Connecticut Personal Injury Attorneys and staff with Carter Mario Law Firm would like to welcome Ken McNamara to the family! We know he will truly be an asset to the whole team on multiple levels.