State Trooper Struck by Intoxicated Driver While Performing a Traffic Stop

Being a law enforcement officer means having to daily expect danger around every corner. One Connecticut State trooper found this out the hard way when he was hit by a drunk driver while on duty Sunday.

NBC News Connecticut reported the trooper was conducting a traffic stop with a vehicle in the northbound lanes of I-95 early Sunday morning. The officer was standing next to the stopped vehicle, talking with the driver, when from out of nowhere, an intoxicated driver swerved onto the shoulder of the road and struck his cruiser from the backside. The police car then smashed into the back of the stopped vehicle and also struck the trooper. All three vehicles were severely damaged and all three involved were taken to Yale-New Haven Hospital for treatment for injuries sustained in the crash.

Although the intoxicated woman has been charged in connection with the crash, no details surrounding those charges have been released due to the ongoing investigation into the accident.

The Connecticut Auto Accident Attorneys with Carter Mario Law Firm ask that you respect the space of officers when they have a vehicle stopped on the side of the road by slowing down and getting over to the left lane if you can. This simple action reduces the number of accidents with officers involved and can help save the lives of our everyday heroes.