Cold Therapy Can Cause Serious Damage to Nerves and Tissues

According to CBS News, patients who undergo cryotherapy, or cold therapy, are doing so not only to treat nagging injuries and decrease recovery time, but also for benefits such as tightened skin, increased energy, and a metabolic boost.

Despite these benefits, patients can easily be over-exposed to the extreme cold conditions the treatments can harbor, which are brought on by shots of liquid nitrogen being injected into a treatment chamber the patient is submerged in. This overexposure can lead to tissue and nerve damage that is similar to frostbite.

This overexposure is quite common considering patients who are undergoing the treatments have been desensitized in the area receiving the treatment due to prior injury or surgery. Minor cases will leave a person desensitized to touch at the site of the injury.

This type of cold therapy damage can happen in as short a period as twenty minutes and can often result in the affected area of a patient’s body has to undergo surgery or amputation to correct the damage that has been done.

This is why the Connecticut Personal Injury Lawyers with Carter Mario Law Firm say that it is so important to remove cold compresses every fifteen to twenty minutes or so to allow blood to flow back into the tissue. Also, a person entering a cryotherapy chamber should not stay submerged for more than three minutes at a time.