Motorcycle Accident

Connecticut Motorcycle Accident Victim Still Searching for Answers

The victim of a Connecticut motorcycle accident that occurred earlier this year is still struggling to find answers to the cause of the crash. The Hartford Courant says the man’s search for answers has led him to offer a reward to anyone with information about the accident.

In April, the man and his wife hopped on a motorcycle and headed to breakfast in Berlin, Connecticut. As the pair cruised along Route 372 on their Harley-Davidson, they hit an oil slick. The man lost control of the motorcycle, causing both riders to be thrown from the machine. Despite only traveling at around 5 mph prior, the female passenger on the bike was not wearing a helmet and suffered a traumatic brain injury when she hit her head on the asphalt. She died at the scene, while the male driver of the bike was rushed to a local hospital.

Now, eight months after the accident, police and the male victim are no closer to solving what person or vehicle may have caused the oil slick. This has prompted the man to offer a $5,000 reward to anyone with information that leads to a conviction in the accident.

The Connecticut Motorcycle Accident Lawyers with Carter Mario Law Firm understand the frustrations the victim is feeling. That is why their team of Connecticut Personal Injury Lawyers would like to wish the gentleman the best of luck in his search for answers.