Distracted Driving One the Rise Amongst Connecticut Teens

A new study is showing that distracted driving in Connecticut may be a bigger problem than previously believed, especially among teens. According to the Naugatuck Patch, the Department of Public Health determined that more than half of Connecticut’s teen drivers talk, text, or email while driving.

In an effort to reduce Connecticut auto accident lawyers such as distracted driving, state and federal lawmakers are working on programs that will educate the public and enforce policies aimed at eliminating the problem.

Transportation Secretary, Ray LaHood, recently announced his blueprint to eliminating distracted driving that included laws against the use of handheld devices as well as calling for new technology to be installed in vehicles that will block phones from becoming a distraction to the driver.

Connecticut is also passing laws to protect its drivers against others who may be distracted at the wheel by passing a law that increases penalties for distracted drivers who cause accidents that result in injury. In fact, a Connecticut teen was recently sentenced to a year in jail under the new law in connection to an accident he caused while texting and driving that took the life of a 55-year-old man.

The Connecticut Auto Accident Lawyers with Carter Mario Law Firm would suggest that all parents design a driving contract for you and your children that promises there will be no use of a cellphone in the vehicle while driving.