Motorcycle Safety on the Minds of Connecticut Motorists

Warm weather in Connecticut means that more and more motorcycles will soon be on the roads, increasing the importance that all motorcyclists practice safe riding habits while on their bikes.

An article released by News 8 highlighted several different aspects that motorcyclists can examine on their bikes to help prevent a malfunction while riding. Experts say that the first piece of equipment that should be looked at on a motorcycle each year is the battery. It should be checked for power and cleaned of any corrosion before riding.

Next, riders should always look at the tires of the motorcycle to ensure they have ample tread remaining. Finally, make sure there is new, clean fuel and oil for the engine.

Attorney Carter Mario, with the Connecticut Personal Injury Law Firm of Carter Mario Law Firm, added that motorcyclists should always wear protective clothing when riding a motorcycle. Doing so will help prevent injuries in the event of a Connecticut Motorcycle Accident. He says some of the vital pieces of gear one should wear include:

It’s also important for motorcyclists to have their headlights on when riding.

Motorists in cars and trucks are encouraged to help prevent accidents by always looking twice before turning into traffic. Also, turning down stereos and eliminating other distractions will help drivers to hear oncoming motorcycles coming from some distance away.