Two Injured in Separate Connecticut Bicycle Accidents

The Connecticut Department of Transportation estimates that thousands of individuals are injured or killed each year as a result of collisions between bicycles and motor vehicles. The reason for most of these accidents is the failure of motorists to see cyclists on the road.

Two such incidents occurred over the weekend leaving two bicyclists injured. According to WTNH 8 News, the first accident happened on Saturday morning in a parking lot in Middlefield, Connecticut. Police reports indicate that a vehicle struck the rider after failing to see the cyclist while backing out of a parking space. A helicopter was called in to transport the man to a local hospital for treatment of his injuries. Doctors say they expect the man to make a full recovery.

Just an hour later, another cyclist was struck while riding in New Haven, Connecticut. Police believe the rider was passing a northbound on-ramp to I-91 when a vehicle attempting to turn onto the interstate failed to yield the right of way to the rider and struck him. The rider was taken to a hospital in serious condition.

The Connecticut Personal Injury Lawyers with Carter Mario Law Firm says that the best way to prevent a Connecticut Car Accident involving a bicycle is for motorists to always be aware of their surroundings while driving. Cyclists should also always wear a helmet with light-colored, reflective clothing in order to make themselves more visible.