Fatigue Blamed for East Haven Car Crash That Injured Four

A fatigued driver is to blame for a two-vehicle crash in East Haven, Connecticut, that left four people injured yesterday. According to reports from WTNH 8 News, the accident happened just before noon at the intersection of Route 80, or Foxon Road, and Gay Street.

Reports from law enforcement indicate that the driver of a Ford Mustang fell asleep at the wheel moments before colliding with a minivan. The Mustang struck the van on the driver’s side, trapping the motorist inside. Rescue workers had to cut the van open to free the trapped victim. They also had to cut the roof off of the Mustang to free its driver and his two children who were trapped in the wreckage.

The New Haven Register reports that all four of the crash victims were taken to a local hospital for treatment of their injuries.

Research by the National Sleep Foundation has found that fatigued driving can be as dangerous as driving under the influence of alcohol for three reasons:

The Connecticut Auto Accident Attorneys with Carter Mario Law Firm suggests getting plenty of sleep before driving and allowing yourself time to rest on long trips. If you become sleepy while driving, use fresh air and conversation to stay focused until you can safely pull over.