High Number of Military Veterans With Lung Diseases Prompts Research

A high number of veterans returning from Iraq and Afghanistan have developed serious lung diseases, prompting several medical groups to begin studies to determine the cause. According to reports from 9 News, surveys show that veterans returning from the Middle East had more than double the risk of developing respiratory diseases than veterans who were stationed in Asia.

Dr. Cecile Rose, a head researcher with the National Jewish Health Center, believes that the high rate of illness for soldiers deployed in the Middle East is due to exposure to burn pits, desert dust, and extreme humidity.

One soldier is telling his story in hopes of bringing greater awareness to deployment-related lung diseases. The man served tours in Iraq and Afghanistan during his 22 years of service, but upon returning from his last tour, he was diagnosed with constrictive bronchiolitis. During his tours, he was an avid runner and participated in several marathons. Now, his lungs only function at a quarter of their former capacity.

Estimates show that approximately two million American servicemen and women have been deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan and have been exposed to possible toxic elements in the air.

The Connecticut Veterans Disability Attorneys with Carter Mario Law Firm would encourage any veteran with breathing problems to seek medical attention, as you may be suffering from deployment-related lung disease. If you are diagnosed with a lung condition, you may need to contact a lawyer.