Connecticut Police Now Required to Record Ethnicity of All Drivers Stopped

A new Connecticut law states that police officers will be required to write down the ethnicity of each driver they pull over.

Fox News Latino reports that lawmakers created the new law to prevent police from engaging in racial profiling after four officers were arrested in East Haven in January for allegedly targeted Latinos.

Under the new law, which passed on a 142-1 vote in the House of Representatives, officers will be penalized if they don’t jot down the racial makeup of drivers they stop. The purpose of the law is to identify patterns when police pull over drivers to determine if racial profiling is at work.

“There are bad apples in law enforcement, and there’s no room for them,” Rep. Joe Verrengia told Fox News. “And I believe that this measure today will help identify and eradicate those who choose to racially profile.”

The state Office of Policy and Management will oversee the initiative, and police will be required to begin reporting the information to OPM on October 1, 2013.

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