Family Files Wrongful Death Lawsuit for Connecticut Basketball Player

The family of a 23-year-old Middletown, Connecticut, basketball player who died from injuries sustained when he was punched in a Romanian bar filed a Connecticut Wrongful Death lawsuit against the man’s assailant, the hospitals and doctors who treated him, and the league he played for.

Norwich Bulletin reports the lawsuit alleges the negligence of each was directly responsible for the young man’s death.

The victim was in a bar in Giurgiu, Romania, after winning a basketball game with the city’s team. The victim placed his hat on a woman’s head, which incited the woman’s boyfriend to attack him. The victim suffered serious head injuries and died at a hospital hours after the accident occurred.

The lawsuit claims not only was the victim’s attacker responsible for his death, but also the doctors at the hospital who failed to immediately transfer the man to a facility that was better equipped to handle his injuries.

The claim goes on to state the victim may still be alive today if doctors hadn’t hesitated his transfer for nearly four and a half hours. The basketball league the man played for was also named in the lawsuit for not protecting players and informing them of racial and ethnic tension in the area.

The Connecticut Personal Injury Lawyers with Carter Mario Law Firm hope the lawsuit can bring some closure on the incident to the family and friends of the victim.