Connecticut Car Accident Lawsuit Filed Against State Lawmaker

Connecticut Car Accident Lawsuit was filed last week in state Superior Court against a prominent state lawmaker. Reports indicate the lawsuit alleges the lawmaker’s negligence in getting behind the wheel of her vehicle after consuming alcohol was directly responsible for causing an accident that left another woman seriously injured.

The crash happened on August 15 of last year at the intersection of North and Briarwood Avenues. The legislator was driving a Nissan Sentra, carrying two other passengers, from a party at a restaurant. As she began to pass through the intersection though, authorities determined she failed to yield for a traffic signal and collided with a 2002 Honda Accord.

The impact of the collision left the driver of the Honda with back and brain injuries that have accumulated to almost $11,000 in medical expenses. Now according to Ct Latino News, the victim has filed suit alleging the lawmaker’s intoxication at the time of the accident was directly responsible for the collision occurring. Furthermore, she is considering filing suit against the restaurant that allegedly over-served the woman and its owner under the state’s Dram Shop Act.

The Connecticut Personal Injury Attorneys with Carter Mario Law Firm are aware of how devastating an accident with a drunken driver can be. That’s why the firm is hopeful a decision in the case will bring the victim a sense of closure to the incident.