Data Shows Driver Errors as the Cause of Most Connecticut Auto Accidents

Numbers released in a recent Connecticut Department of Transportation (CDOT) report showed interesting trends in the types of Connecticut auto accident lawyers that are occurring today.

An article from the South Windsor Patch explained how data indicated that in 2011, a total of 78,437 motor vehicle collisions occurred. Analysts found that a majority of these crashes were due to driver error.

Roughly 34 percent of all accidents in the state were a result of motorists tailgating other vehicles. Failure to yield to another vehicle’s right of way was responsible for more than 13 percent of collisions, while just under 20 percent of accidents were attributed to speeding or loss of control.

More than 37 percent of motor vehicle collisions were the result of a driver hitting another vehicle from behind.

Despite data showing most crashes are the result of driver’s mistakes, the overall number of accidents in the state has declined. Most experts attribute this to a focus on reducing the number of accidents involving teenage drivers through educational programs and the implementation of a graduated licensing program that began in 2008. Better law enforcement and highway designs also contributed to the decline.

The Connecticut Personal Injury Attorneys with Carter Mario Law Firm urge drivers to always make safety a top priority when behind the wheel of a car. This goal can be achieved by simply buckling up, slowing down, and always driving defensively.