How Do You Investigate a Medication Error Case?

How do you investigate a medication error case?

Our Connecticut Drug Injury Lawyers obtain medication records from your doctors, hospital, and, pharmacy to see what documentation exists of the error. We look for incident reports of the mistake, and other documentation of what happened. In hospital and nursing home records, we evaluate the doctors’ orders, the medication administration records, narrative notes, and records of drug allergies to see if a mistake was made.

I had a bad reaction to a medicine that was given to me and I almost died. Could this be a case?

Medication error cases are like medical malpractice cases, so you need to have a deviation from the standard of care (a mistake) which causes serious permanent harm, to have a successful case. If this was the first time you received the medication, then it is likely impossible to prove a mistake was made, and if you have recovered, then there is no permanent harm. But if you experienced a serious reaction, your case should be evaluated by an attorney familiar with medication errors, and we evaluate many such claims.

The Connecticut Personal Injury Lawyers with Carter Mario Law Firm acknowledges the dangers medication errors can present and suggest discussing your legal rights with an attorney if you have been harmed by a medication given to you by a health care professional.