7 Things to Know About the Connecticut Workers Compensation System

The Workers’ Compensation system in Connecticut is designed to provide medical treatment, “wage replacement” benefits, and other benefits for workers who have been injured at work or who have become ill on the job. In order to help injured workers understand their rights and responsibilities in the workers’ compensation system, the Connecticut workers’ compensation attorneys at Carter Mario Law Firm have put together this list of facts. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us!

Did you know…

  • The Connecticut Workers’ Compensation system covers almost all employees. This includes minors, non-citizens, and part-time employees, regardless of what their position is, or how long they’ve been working there.
  • The Connecticut Workers’ Compensation system is a no-fault system of insurance. This means that private insurers or self-insured employers will pay benefits to an injured employee, even if the accident was the employee’s fault.
  • The system is designed to help workers injured on the job or with an occupational disease. Workers’ comp will provide necessary medical treatment, weekly benefits when disabled, and benefits for scarring, disfigurement, or permanent physical impairment.
  • Connecticut Workers’ Compensation system coverage can’t be signed away. There are two exceptions to this rule:
    • Officers of a corporation or partners operating partnerships who request in writing to be excluded from coverage
    • If a stipulated settlement of an individual claim is approved by a Commissioner.
  • Our state has a group of Commissioners. Connecticut’s Workers’ Compensation Commissioners hold hearings to resolve disputes in workers’ compensation cases.
  • Free self-help materials are available from the state. You can learn more about Connecticut’s Workers’ Compensation system directly from the state Workers’ Compensation Commission. You can start at their website (, publications are available, and you can also call the toll-free WATS telephone line 1-800-223-WORK.
  • The system will deny compensation for injuries resulting from substance or alcohol abuse.

If you were injured at work, and you have legal questions, the Connecticut workers’ compensation lawyers at Carter Mario Law Firm would be happy to talk with you and answer all of your questions. You’re always welcome to stop by any of our offices, or you can call us anytime at tel: (203) 806-9256.