Connecticut Dog Bite Injury Highlights the Importance of Licensing Canines

The case of a woman who suffered a serious Connecticut Dog Bite Injury in a recent attack at a park in the city of New Haven is bringing attention to the problem of unlicensed dogs in the area.

According to an article from The Middletown Press, the woman was in Edgerton Park with her dog on June 16 when another unleashed canine approached and attacked them. The woman suffered a serious bite wound to her hands and arms that required medical treatment. She also had to undergo several rounds of preventative Rabies vaccinations, which left her out of work for several days.

The attack on the woman was not an isolated incident either. Neighbors stated the dog had attacked before, adding to the more than 600 dog bites that have occurred in the state in recent years. Experts say many of the animals responsible for these attacks are never found because they are not licensed.

The city of New Haven, which is home to more than 130,000 residents, only had 580 licensed dogs last year. Similar numbers have been reported in other areas of the state; however, Animal Control Officers are overwhelmed with calls and rarely have time to conduct licensing checks.

The Connecticut Personal Injury Lawyers with Carter Mario Law Firm explains there are numerous laws regulating the ownership of canines and urge anyone who has been injured in a dog attack to discuss their legal options with an attorney immediately.