Connecticut Personal Injury Lawyer Pushes for Helmet Use in Wake of Fatal Traumatic Brain Injury

A 12-year-old boy was killed earlier this week as the result of a Connecticut Traumatic Brain Injury he sustained in a bicycling accident. Records show that the incident occurred on Monday, July 30, along Cedar Road in Wilton.

An article from WTNH 8 News explains the boy and two friends were riding their bicycles down a hill along the road when the victim hit something in the road that caused him to lose control. He was then thrown over a stone wall from his bike, where he struck his head.

The child was not wearing a helmet at the time of the crash and sustained a massive injury to both his brain and head. He was transported to a local hospital for treatment but died shortly after arrival.

The incident highlights the dangers that bicycling without a helmet can pose. The state of Connecticut requires that all bicycle riders under the age of 16 wear helmets at all times.

Helmets can be expensive though. That is why the Connecticut Personal Injury Lawyers with Carter Mario Law Firm sponsor a program each year aimed at addressing this problem. The firm participates in the “Helmets for Kids” program by giving out 1,000 free bicycle helmets to needy children. The helmets are distributed at the firm’s offices across the state of Connecticut.

The firm hopes the program can effectively help to promote bicycle safety.