Numerous Doctors Still Practicing Despite Claims of Medical Errors and Negligence

When a physician or member of a medical staff team makes an error that results in a patient injury or death, the negligent individual may be held responsible for their actions. Too often though, the Connecticut Medical Malpractice Lawyers with Carter Mario Law Firm explain these doctors are allowed to continue practicing medicine and making errors that cause patients harm.

An article from USA Today took an in-depth look at the problem and uncovered thousands of cases where doctors had caused harm to numerous patients and their families, yet was allowed to continue practicing medicine. Numbers show that as many as 6,000 doctors had clinical privileges revoked following a mishap with a patient, but 52 percent of those physicians never faced a licensing restriction or suspension by a medical board. Furthermore, almost 250 doctors who were deemed to be an "immediate threat to the health and safety" of patients did not have their licenses taken away.

Despite the Inspector General of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services being called upon by several government officials to look into the matter, no steps have been taken to correct the problem.

Help for Medical Malpractice Victims in Connecticut

Carter Mario's team of Connecticut Personal Injury Lawyers are aware of the devastating effects medical mistakes can have on patients and the importance of physician accountability. That’s why the firm encourages anyone who has been the victim of medical negligence to discuss their legal rights with an attorney immediately. If you believe you have a case, please call our firm at tel: (203) 806-9256.