U.S. Federal Railroad Association Implements Safety Improvements

Following a number of recent catastrophic train crashes– including two Connecticut Train Accidents that claimed several lives– the U.S Federal Railroad Association has implemented several policy reforms aimed at improving safety. Several of the changes will directly affect trains moving hazardous materials.

An article released by The Connecticut Post explains the FRA has ordered changes be made to staffing requirements for train crews. Trains should no longer be operated by a single individual, and trains carrying hazardous materials must now be constantly attended to while outside of a train yard or terminal.

If a train must be left unattended, the agency must be made aware of policies and actions that will be taken to secure the train's cargo, such as locking and disabling the locomotive.

These measures were implemented following a train derailment in Quebec, Canada, that claimed 47 lives in July. Two other train accidents that occurred in Connecticut several weeks before also claimed a life each.

Further meetings held within the Railroad Safety Advisory Committee will determine if other reforms will be required to improve the safe travel of trains in the United States.

The Connecticut Personal Injury Lawyers with Carter Mario Law Firm applaud the efforts being made to improve the safety of locomotive transportation and hope the policy changes are effective in preventing accidents.