Veterans May Be Eligible for Retroactive Benefits

On August 1st, the Department of Veterans Affairs announced that veterans filing an original Fully Developed Claim for a service-related disability compensation may be entitled to up to one year of retroactive disability benefits. These retroactive Veterans Disability Benefits benefits are part of a new legislative package passed by Congress and signed into law by President Obama.

This new package will help reduce the number of pending claims to be processed by the V.A., and will also speed up the process for our veterans to receive their benefits.

Submitting a Fully Developed Claim is typically the fastest way for veterans to receive a decision on their claims because Fully Developed Claims require veterans to produce all supporting evidence when they submit their request. This includes items like private treatment records from doctors.

You can learn more about Fully Developed Claims at the Veterans Affairs website, located at Veterans can also learn more about disability benefits at the V.A. web portal at