Motorcycle on the Road

Answers to More Motorcycle Accident Questions

We’ve received some more questions about motorcycle accidents, and we wanted to share the answers with you.

The other driver said that I was driving my bike ‘erratically’, but I wasn’t. Is there anything I can do?
The police officer will take statements, and then make a decision regarding what happened and what went wrong. If you are ticketed, you should fight the ticket. Do not just admit guilt to make it go away. Also, even if the other driver blames you, it does not mean the accident was your fault, or even that you can’t collect money for your injuries. Even ticketed motorcyclists can file a claim if it was more the other driver’s fault.

I have bad road rash from my motorcycle accident-should I really take pictures?
Pictures of your injuries help to establish the severity of your damage. Color photos should be taken weekly to show progress in healing. Picture of scars are also important to show permanent damage. In serious cases, we will send a photographer to document your injuries. You can use a disposable camera, digital camera or even a cell phone camera to take pictures as well.

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