Insurance Company Calls After an Accident

A question that we’re asked a lot is…

After an accident, insurance companies are calling me, including my own- what do I say to them?

After a Connecticut Auto Accident, report the facts of the accident to your own insurance company. Tell the other driver’s insurance company that you have hired a lawyer. You can say “I have hired a lawyer to represent me and they told me that I can’t speak to anyone about the accident. The lawyer said you can call them directly-here is the number…”

You might be asked to complete paperwork regarding your car, or a rental car, fill out forms regarding your injuries or make a statement. You should not do any of this without consulting an attorney first.

The Connecticut personal injury lawyers with Carter Mario Law Firm understand just how difficult getting back on your feet following a car accident that leaves you seriously injured can be. That is why the firm would suggest that a person who has been hurt at no fault of their own explore their legal options by discussing their case with a qualified attorney immediately.