Safety Tips for Driving in Winter Weather

With a blizzard bearing down on the Connecticut area and preparing to drop as much as two feet of snow, the Connecticut State Police Department (CSP) is advising motorists to stay off of the roads. An article from NBC-Connecticut explained what the state is doing to keep the roads clear of ice and snow, but also offered several safety tips to those who must brave the weather to travel.

Approximately 800 snow plows have been deployed across the state and are already treating roads with salt and sand prior to the storm hitting. Despite the large amount of manpower available to clear roads, it may be too little to combat the power of Mother Nature.

The CSP has cautioned drivers not to travel if at all possible during the storm to prevent Connecticut Car Accidents. For those who must venture out during the blizzard due to an emergency, the CSP says it is vital they adhere to several safety tips.

Motorists traveling on icy or snowy roads should inform someone of their route before taking off. They should also ensure their cellphone battery is fully charged, as well as checking to see if the tires on the vehicle are adequate and there is enough gas in the vehicle. Packing emergency food, water, and blankets should also be taken into consideration.

The Connecticut Personal Injury Lawyers with Carter Mario Law Firm encourage everyone to stay safe during the coming storm!