Studies Find Many Medical Malpractice Claims Are Due to Misdiagnosis

Medical malpractice cases are often associated with cases of doctors causing patients to harm through botched procedures, but new studies are showing a rise in cases involving a doctor’s negligence in failing to diagnose a serious condition. According to Dotmed Daily News, two studies have shown radiologists most often face lawsuits involving their failure to diagnose patients with breast cancer during routine mammograms.

Researchers examined documentation from 4,793 medical malpractice claims filed against 2,680 radiologists from across the nation. They found a majority of the cases surrounded a radiologists’ failure to find lesions in a scan. When this occurred, follow-up testing was not scheduled and the patient’s condition worsened. Data also confirmed that a majority of cases were the result of misdiagnosis and not due to a lack of communication with the patient.

Experts say this could be due to the fact that only in mammography does the radiologist consult directly with the patient about the results of their testing. In most other cases, the referring physician discusses a test’s conclusions with a patient.

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