Bill Proposes Changes to Bicycle Laws to Improve Safety

The controversy is swirling around a new piece of legislation that is being considered in Connecticut. According to the West Hartford Patch, Sen. Kevin Witkos has introduced a bill that would alter state laws making it a requirement for bicyclists riding in Connecticut in groups of two or more to do so in a single-file fashion.

Current law allows cyclists to ride side-by-side as long as they are not blocking traffic in any way. If a vehicle approaches, cyclists are then required to ride in tandem. Senate Bill 103 would change that though, making riding in a single line the only acceptable option.

The move is being made to improve safety for both cyclists and motorists while reducing the number of Connecticut Auto Accidents involving bicycles. Many say cyclists riding side-by-side doesn’t give motorists enough room to pass safely and often causes a vehicle to have to cross over the center divider lines, considering three-feet of space must be given when a vehicle overtakes a bicycle. Opponents argue instead of changing the laws, more should be done to educate cyclists on the current laws and how to be a courteous rider.

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