Connecticut Truck Accident Leaves Three Seriously Injured

Connecticut Truck Accident was responsible for leaving three people seriously injured. According to The Connecticut Post, the crash happened at around 4:30 p.m. Tuesday along the southbound lanes of Interstate-95 outside Milford, Connecticut.

Reports from Connecticut State Police say a box truck carrying two occupants was following behind a tractor-trailer combination. As the two vehicles traveled down the highway though, the tractor-trailer had to slow to a stop for traffic in front of him. The driver of the box truck failed to recognize the stopped traffic and plowed into the rear of the big rig.

The impact of the Connecticut truck accident was so severe, the driver of the box truck and his passenger were both trapped in the wreckage and required rescue crews to cut them free so they could be pulled to safety. The pair were then loaded into an ambulance and taken to a local hospital for treatment. The driver of the tractor-trailer also suffered serious injuries and was taken to the trauma center to be examined further as well.

The Connecticut Personal Injury Lawyers with Carter Mario Law Firm recognizes truck drivers adhere to a different set of laws than that of a motorist in a private vehicle and say it’s one of the many reasons a person should discuss their legal rights with an attorney if they have been harmed in a truck accident that was not their fault.