CPSC Issues Recall on Exercise Bands Due to Injury Hazard

The Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) and Impulse Footcare, LLC, issued a statement Tuesday announcing the voluntary recall of Perfect Resistance Exercise Bands. According to a CPSC press release, the recall was issued after injuries were reported from broken bands.

The Defective Product consists of thick, rubber tubing that is attached by a grommet to a cloth loop at either end. The bands can be used during resistance training and exercise programs. The roughly 75,600 affected units were sold at Walmart stores nationwide for between $13 and $17 and include:

The problem with the units is the cloth loop can break free from the metal tubing and presents a serious injury risk to the band’s user and those around them. In fact, so far 12 incidents of injury associated with the bands have been reported. Injuries occurred to the victims’ back, hand, and eye with one incident requiring medical attention.

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