Hannah Storm Returns After Suffering Burn Injury in Connecticut Accident

Just three weeks after sustaining a horrific Fire and Burn Injury during an accident with a gas-powered grill outside her Connecticut home, ESPN News anchor Hannah Storm made her return to the airwaves by hosting the Rose Parade in California.

According to an article published by The Chronicle, Storm was attempting to relight a flame that had burned out on the grill. Before attempting to relight the burner, she turned the gas off, but when she ignited a flame in the vicinity of the grill, a ball of gas ignited and quickly spread over her body.

Rescue crews were called to the scene and Storm was transported to a local trauma and burn center where doctors were able to determine she had sustained first and second degree burns over her face, hands, chest, and neck. While on the air, Storm admitted the infection in her left hand made it difficult to perform duties of her work, such as turning cue cards and taking notes.

She also explained after the incident occurred, many people came forward to her about experiencing similar dangerous incidents while using gas grills and said she would like to use her experience to educate others about the dangers of using propane and other flammable gases.

The Connecticut Personal Injury Lawyers with Carter Mario Law Firm acknowledge just how dangerous burn injuries can be and would like to wish Hannah Storm a full and speedy recovery from the injuries she sustained in this horrible accident.