New Study Reveals Perceptions of Obese Defendants

A new study conducted by Yale’s Rudd Center for Food Policy & Obesity revealed some new details into the stigmatization of overweight people. An article published in the New Haven Business News titled “If She’s Fat, She’s Guilty”, stated that a defendant’s body weight and gender does have an impact on jurors’ perceptions of guilt and responsibility.

As much as we wish this weren’t true, we do see it in the courtroom. Unfortunately, jurors’ perceptions of guilt are sometimes influenced by a person’s weight.

In the study, participants were shown images of alleged defendants in a mock court case. The images included a lean male, lean female, obese male, and obese female. After viewing the images, the participants were then asked to rate how guilty they thought the defendant was.

The obese female was penalized for her weight more than the other images. It’s a finding that is consistent with research published over the past two decades that shows obese women face more weight-related stigma than other people.

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