Questions About Lawsuits for Medication Errors

We’ve received some emails from potential clients asking about lawsuits for medication errors, and we wanted to share our responses with you.

What kinds of medication errors can you sue for?

Medication errors are among the most common Drug Injuries we work with at our firm. Here are a few examples of medication errors that you could sue for…

If the pharmacist gives me someone else’s prescription, is that a medication error I could successfully sue for?

Only if you take the drug and suffer permanent harm. We have to prove that the pharmacist deviated from the standard of care (made a mistake), and this caused you significant permanent harm. In Connecticut, we need to have a pharmacist expert give a written opinion that there was negligence in the treatment that caused harm, before filing suit.

The Connecticut Personal Injury Lawyers with Carter Mario Law Firm acknowledges the dangers medication errors can present and suggest discussing your legal rights with an attorney if you have been harmed by a medication given to you by a health care professional.