Study Finds Medication Errors More Common Than Suspected

Data from recent research shows that medication errors in hospitals may be more common than once believed. According to Connecticut Now, researchers at Johns Hopkins University have concluded this is due to the fact that medication errors often go unreported, and even when they are documented; the patients and their families are rarely informed of the error.

The group culminated numbers from a database of more than 840,000 cases of medication errors that had been reported at 537 hospitals from around the nation over a six-year time period.

Experts found that roughly 110 patients died as a result of medication errors that resulted in a Drug Injury. Of those patients, 18 were in Intensive Care Units (ICU) at the time of death, while 98 others were in other areas of the hospital. Numbers also showed that around four percent of the medication errors that occurred in ICU resulted in a patient suffering significant harm, versus the two percent of harm causing errors that were listed in non-ICU units.

The most disturbing aspect of the study though was the fact that in less than half of the cases where a medication error was discovered was no action to correct the problem taken.

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