Doctor wearing a surgical Mask

4 Signs That Your Surgeon Might Be Overtired

While hospitals do not place a limit on the number of operations an orthopedic surgeon may perform on any given day, new studies are showing a sharp increase in the number of surgical complications for patients whose surgeons were not fully rested.

An article published in the New England Journal of Medicine concluded there was an 83 percent increase in the risk of surgical complications for patients when their surgeon was not fully rested. A 2008 study discussed muscle fatigue for surgeons, and how that increases the duration of their surgeries, and how that can lead to errors.

The Connecticut Medical Malpractice Attorneys at Carter Mario Law Firm suggests that patients watch for these four warning signs when they speak with their surgeon before any procedure.

Although sleep-deprived surgeons can perform familiar surgeries as well as their rested colleagues, their brains must work harder when they’re tired. This could lead to problems during unexpected events in the operating room. If you feel that a mistake was made during your surgical procedure, the Medical Malpractice Attorneys at Carter Mario Law Firm are happy to discuss what happened with you.