Bed Rails for Elderly Face Scrutiny

Bed rails are designed to help elderly people with their mobility in and out of bed, but a Defective Product can cause seniors to get stuck between the rail and the mattress, causing injury or death.

Health agencies have known for many years that these injuries and deaths could occur when an elderly person becomes stuck and is too sick, too confused, or too weak to free themselves. Seniors can also sustain serious injuries when they climb over rails and fall, or when rails are used as a restraint for anxiety and dementia patients.

The Food and Drug Administration regulates bed rails and classifies them as a medical device. Federal law requires that bed rails for children meet specific safety requirements, but rails for adults are not held to the same standards. Critics claim that bed rails at elderly care centers and hospitals are often not always specifically designed for the bed they are attached to, creating dangerous gaps.

The FDA recommends but does not require, these safety tips for seniors.

The Product Liability Attorneys at Carter Mario Law Firm know how dangerous using a defective medical device can be. That’s why the firm urges anyone who has been harmed by the use of bed rails to look into their legal rights by discussing their case with a qualified attorney.