Connecticut Auto Accident Leaves Ten People Injured

Connecticut Auto Accident that occurred last week was responsible for leaving 10 motorists with injuries. Reports indicate the crash happened at approximately 10 a.m. on Wednesday, July 8, along Interstate-95, outside of Stratford, Connecticut.

An article from the WFSB 3 News explains that a vehicle traveling north along the highway cut off a tractor-trailer that was in front of two commercial passenger buses. The vehicle’s sudden maneuver caused the truck and bus drivers to slam on the breaks. The big rig was able to avoid a collision, as was the driver of the bus following him, but the driver of the second bus was unable to stop in time and slammed into the rear of the first bus. The impact of the collision forced the bus to lurch forward and strike the rear of the tractor-trailer. Meanwhile, a Dodge sedan following the second bus was unable to stop as well and ran into the rear of the bus.

A total of 10 victims were transported to local hospitals for further treatment. The driver of the second bus and the Dodge were also each cited for following too closely.

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