How to Prevent the Dangers of a House Fire

A family may have been saved from serious Connecticut Fire and Burn Injuries by a local couple when a fire broke out at a home on Laurel Street in Southington, Connecticut, this past Sunday evening.

According to NBC-Connecticut, the fire sparked in the garage of the home and went undetected until the couple passed by the home and saw flames. They quickly rushed to the front door of the home, kicked it in, and pulled the family from the burning home.

Fire and rescue crews arrived shortly after and extinguished the flames.

While no one was injured in the fire, the incident underscores several precautions every homeowner should take in order to protect their families from the dangers a fire can pose.

Experts say that every home should be equipped with smoke detectors within 10 feet of every room. The batteries on the units should be tested and changed every several months to ensure the units are working properly.

Each family should also devise an escape route from every room in the home as well in case a fire is to ignite. The route should have a designated area outside of the home where all family members should meet.

The Milford Personal Injury Attorneys with Carter Mario Law Firm recognizes the hazards house fires can pose and are hopeful these safety tips will be effective in helping to protect citizens from being injured in a burning home.