Cause of Connecticut Train Derailment Identified by Investigators

Officials believe they have pinpointed the cause of a massive Connecticut Train Accident that injured dozens of passengers. Investigators announced last week, they believe faulty tracks may be to blame as a contributing factor to the crash.

According to an article published in The Connecticut Post, inspectors with Metro-North, who operates the train line, had noted prior to the crash several deficiencies with the sets of tracks running through the area where the crash occurred. Some of the problems that were mentioned included:

Less than 48 hours later, two commuter trains passing one another in the area where the problems were recorded collided with one another after one of the locomotives derailed. A total of 76 people were seriously injured as a result of the crash.

While Metro-North has stated the defects that were mentioned in the report in no way violated standards established by the Federal Railroad Administration, state and federal officials are calling for a wide reform of the safety ordinances that are in place for trains. They have also called for improved maintenance and equipment standards on tracks in the region.

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