Connecticut Working to Reduce Backlog of Veterans’ Disability Benefit Claims

As more and more soldiers return from service overseas in Iraq and Afghanistan, those who were injured in the line of duty are now waiting longer than ever before to receive Veterans’ Disability Benefits. In fact, the average wait time across the nation for benefits now stands at as long as 11 months. Even worse, the backlog of claims in Connecticut alone is two times the national average.

Most experts tend to agree that a major reason for the backlog of claims is because the Department of Veterans’ Affairs (VA) continues to use a paper system to process most claims. The VA recently spent millions of dollars implementing an electronic processing system, yet 70 percent of claims continue to be processed on paper.

This leaves many asking what other steps are being taken to get returning soldiers the assistance and care they both need and deserve. An article from the Connecticut Post explains how the number of backlogged claims in Connecticut had recently drastically been cut by moving claims that had waited for the longest for approval to the front of the processing line. Claims processors were also recently required to work 20 extra hours a week until the number of claims awaiting a decision has been caught up.

The Connecticut Personal Injury Lawyers with Carter Mario Law Firm is aware of how complex the Veterans’ Disability process can be and are here to help any soldier who is considering applying for benefits or who has had a claim denied in the past.