New Evidence Released in Connection to Fatal Connecticut House Fire

New information has been released into the cause of a Connecticut house fire that claimed the lives of three young girls on Christmas Day of 2011. Reports indicate the actions and decisions of the contractor in charge of renovation projects at the home may be to blame for the fatal fire.

The Stamford home was occupied by the three victims, their mother, and her boyfriend, who was overseeing construction projects in the home, on the night the fire broke out in the residence’s mudroom. Only after the adults escaped the home were neighbors able to call for assistance from emergency crews. Firefighters attempted to rescue the children trapped in the home, but all three died as a result of Connecticut Fire and Burn Injuries they sustained.

Evidence now shows that safety errors made by the contractor may have contributed to the fatal accident. Witness testimony shows the contractor ignored an excessive “fire fuel load” of materials and scraps that had built up in the home during renovation projects. According to NBC-Connecticut, windows had also been secured closed and no phone or fire alarm systems were installed in the residence prior to the family moving into the home.

Several civil lawsuits have been filed in connection to the incident.

The Connecticut Personal Injury Lawyers with Carter Mario Law Firm urge families to ensure their home is outfitted with properly working smoke detectors. Doing so can drastically reduce the chances of a house fire injuring a home’s occupants.